The Most Bizarre Moments!

Some Very Cool Moments Just For You.

Giant Donut Made of Donuts

IF Homer Simpson thought heaven was the episode where he was in hell
with a never-ending supply of doughnuts, then Circular Quay this morning
would have come a close second. To celebrate the release of The Simpsons
Movie on dvd, the Simpsons family oversaw the construction of the world’s
largest doughnut.
And the numbers?
It took 40 people over nine hours to build, using over 90,000 doughnuts, half
a tonne of pink icing and 30kg of sprinkles from Donut King.
The giant doughnut measures six metres and weighs a whopping 3.5 tonnes,
which is the equivalent of two rhinoceroses.
Once the giant doughnut’s media duties are complete, the doughnuts will be
donated to Oz Harvest, a Sydney-based charity that collects excess food for
organisations that feed disadvantaged men, women and children.

Gifts for the Extravagant

Still no ideas on what to get your special someone this Christmas, here are some suggestions…

Crystal-encrusted toilet bowl designed by Jemmah Wright.

21kg gold Christmas tree decorated with 240 pieces of jewelry including diamonds and pearls, made by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka.

Your own personal bust made in bronze, silver, gold and other precious metal made by Wrightson & Platt.

Miracle Bra made by Victoria’s Secret and designer Martin Katz. It is adorned with 3575 black diamonds, 117 white diamonds and 34 rubies… only.

Champagne holder made of pure gold for your Christmas party?

Fragrance by Clive Christian sealed with a cap decorated with gold and diamonds.

Fuzzball table for the guys? This is made in Austria and covered with 150,000 crystals

Think this is a fragrance decorated with 6500 Swarovski crystals.

One for the tech geeks, golden headphones with 59 diamonds on each side.

Laptop designed by Aynao Kimera made in 24-carat gold and decorated with 12,000 crystals.

Another one for the geeks, a diamond-encrusted mouse? 59 diamonds in all.

An exclusive Teddy bear released on the 125-year anniversary of the birth of the famous producer of the bear campaign. This bear is made in golden fleece of lurex, sapphire eyes and golden nose and mouth. Be careful what your kids do with it

Swimsuit for $92,000 made by Japanese designer and jeweler Ginza Tanaka. It took more than a month to extract the finest gold threads and to join them together to make this swimsuit that is probably never gonna get wet.

How about a bra made with 630g of pure gold, 7.5-carats of diamonds and taking more than 2000 hours of work by a Chinese jeweler? $108,000.

Another bra for $160,000.

Linen lingerie made of gold for $260,000. It contains 950g of pure gold and was created by a Chinese jeweler that is not for sale but display only. Of course, with the right price, anything can be bought.

This bra is a whooping $1,890,000! It is made of gold and diamonds and made by a Korean company.

Fantasy Bra by Victoria’s Secret worth $6.5M and comes included with 2000 diamonds and 800-carats.

Another version of the Fastasy Bra by VS costing $12.5M made of white gold, 2900 small diamonds (101-carats) and 22 rubies.

Fantasy Bra for $10M made of white gold, diamonds and 2900 diamonds weighing a total of 70-carats.

Fantasy Bra for $10M made of diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones weighing a total of 500-carats.

Fantasy Bra - $4.5M.

Fantasy Bra - $15M made of rubies and diamonds.

Lacy gold bra made by Chinese designer Zhou Ningxin with a total of 458 grams of gold.